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A Bucket full of Love was written for children living with one parent after divorce.

H. C. Wingert's experiences as a child of divorce herself have given her unique insight into the feelings and fears of those children. Two of her grandchildren were going through much of the same turmoil and have shown the need to have answers to questions and feelings they were not able to verbalize.

A Bucket full of Love (for children living with their dad) and A Bucket full of Love for Mommy's litte Girl (for children living with their mom, are two books that help children cope with the separation of their parents.

With caring language and bright pictures the book's characters cite the questions in children's minds and the explanations cover more than most parents want to or are able to answer. 
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One in 2 marriages ends in divorce, 65 % of those involve children. This website and these books address a need to help children cope with the separation of  their parents. See also Dr. Deena Stacer's website at for lots of advice and help.
Children deserve consideration!
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